Dienstag, 12. November 2013

IBM Notes crashes with errors related to PNGFILT.DLL --> check your DEP settings!

A lot of our users suffered from random crashes when they just wanted to open and read newly received emails in IBM Notes. Most of the time, the crash reports involved the file pngfilt.dll which is probably supposed to render PNG-Images. Since the crashes weren't reproducible, it didn't seem very easy to find a solution for this. Luckily, most (if not all) of those crashes occured when Notes was used in a Citrix environment, so that seemed to be a hint. Our "normal" users didn't seem to have that issue when they used their own workstations or notebooks with a local IBM Notes client installation. After ruling out missing M$-patches as a possible cause, i stumbled upon an article that dealt with errors caused by the DEP-feature.Disabling the data execution prevention using bcdedit immediately stopped our IBM Notes clients from crashing all the time.