Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011

8.5.3 Domino Server installs client templates

With release 8.5.3 of Lotus Domino, setup installs some templates to the server which you had to put there manually in the past, in case you wanted to register roaming users via Lotus script (read more on that here).
The following templates are installed:

bookmark.ntf (v8.5.3 - 16.09.2010)
feedcontent.ntf (v8.5.2 - 01.04.2010)
notebook8.ntf (v8.5.1 - 24.09.2009)
pernames.ntf (v8.5.3 - 18.05.2011)
roamingdata.ntf (v8.5.1 - 21.07.2009)