Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

RegisterNewUser and Roaming-Users

A while ago, we built an application that automatically registers users in our domino directory when our human resources department hires new employees. Now that we changed all of our users to be roaming users, I thought it would be easy to adapt our script, in order to immediately create roaming users during the registration process. Unfortunately, I encountered a strange error after adding the corresponding code to our script:

.IsRoamingUser = True
.Roamingcleanupsetting = REG_ROAMING_CLEANUP_NEVER
.RoamingServer = strMailSrv
.RoamingSubdir = "roaming/" + strFirstName + strLastName

Executing the agent lead to the error "Agent Manager: Agent
'Copy Of NotesBenutzerAnlage' error: Notes error: File does not exist
Since I didn't come up with a solution on my own, I asked IBM for help. Today, Mr. Ortlieb from IBM called me and gave me a crucial tip.
I just had to put some of the Lotus Notes client templates on our server! The following templates did the trick: