Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

DAOSmgr resync

Today, I had to restore a database from backup to one of our production servers. We're using Tivoli Storage Manager for Lotus Domino and have DAOS enabled for that server.
The documentation says, that a database restore makes it necessary to start a resynchronization of the DAOS catalog. Is it just me who feels uncomfortable about issuing that "tell daosmgr resync" on a production server during the normal office hours? As far as I understand, this means that the DAOSmgr has a look at every single attachment in every single DAOS enabled database  - and this is just because I had to restore one single database?!
I would imagine some kind of interface to DAOS that the backup-software of your choice could use to inform DAOSmgr about the restored database. It should then just walk though that particular database in order to collect the necessary information.

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